Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes

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Welcome to idodance Cornwall, where passion meets precision in the art of Ballroom and Latin dancing. Join us for an unforgettable dance experience that will transform your rhythm and style.

Ballroom Dance Class

At idodance Cornwall, we are dedicated to teaching and promoting Ballroom and Latin dance in a fun and welcoming environment. Our team of experienced instructors is committed to helping you discover the joy and elegance of these timeless dance styles.

Our Classes

Beginner Classes

  • Introduction to Ballroom
    Learn the fundamentals of Ballroom dances like Waltz, Foxtrot, and Tango. No experience required, just bring your enthusiasm and your partner!
  • Latin Dance Essentials
    Dive into the exciting world of Latin dance with the lively Cha-Cha and sensual Rumba. Get ready to spice up your dance floor skills.

Intermediate & Advanced Classes

  • Mastering Technique
    Fine-tune your dance technique and expand your repertoire with more advanced figures and styling. These classes focus more on the in depth technique, balance, posture and movement.
  • Performance Coaching
    Take your dancing to the next level with personalised 121 coaching.  These 1 hour sessions really focus 121 on the individual to provide that extra attention to detail!

Why Choose idodance Cornwall?

  • Expert Instruction
    Learn from experienced professionals who are passionate about sharing their love for dance.
  • Friendly Atmosphere
    Join a supportive dance community where everyone is encouraged to grow and succeed. Friendships are made and groups develop.
  • Convenient Locations
    We offer classes and dance workshops in various locations across Cornwall, making it easy to find a class near you.

Upcoming Events

Don’t miss out on our exciting dance events and workshops. Stay updated with our latest schedule and join us for memorable dance experiences throughout the year.

Contact Us

Ready to step onto the dance floor with idodance Cornwall? Contact us today to enrol in our upcoming classes or inquire about Private Dance Lessons.

Phone: 01872 260545

Join Our Dance Community

Experience the thrill of Ballroom and Latin dancing with idodance Cornwall. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned dancer, we invite you to embrace the beauty of dance and create lasting memories on the dance floor.

Let’s Dance Together in Cornwall!

Discover the magic of ballroom and Latin dance with idodance Cornwall. Unleash your potential, make new friends, and immerse yourself in the joy of dance. Join us for a dance-filled journey across beautiful Cornwall.

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