idodance has a dance class for you! We teach different styles of dance at different levels. Each term of dancing is a 10 week course – there are 3 terms per year

Below is a guide to help you decide which class is best suited to you


First year of dancing
Absolute Beginners and Dancers with knowledge of the basic steps in the Waltz, Quickstep, Social Foxtrot, Rumba and the Cha Cha Cha, with a good understanding of leading and following


From 1 – 3 years of dancing experience
Dancers with up to 3 years of tuition and practice in the above dances, with developing skill in the art of freestyle dancing and the ability to dance the basic steps of the Ballroom Tango


Between 3 – 6 years of dancing experience
Confident Dancers with all the knowledge and ability of the above, also with an insight into the distinct characteristics of the Slow Foxtrot


Between 7 – 10 years of dancing experience
Proficient Dancers with a sound understanding of the posture, technique, footwork, timing of all the above dances and the competence to adapt their repertoire to navigate a busy dance floor


Over 10 years of dancing experience
Accomplished Dancers with extensive knowledge and comprehension of all aspects of the different styles of dance above with exceptional floor craft skills.

Dancers enjoying a rock n roll class dressed in red and black.

idodance is a member of the United Kingdom Alliance for Professional Teachers of Dance